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As a small woman-owned business based in Central New York, we started this store with hopes of offering products that would uplift and make you smile, but our main objective is to inspire you to do good, feel good, and bring joy and light into the world. Whether by sharing one of our many gifts, or sharing one of our stories, we hope you will find inspiration here!

What inspires YOU??

We offer two ways to browse our store. You can click an item on our main menu for a themed collection of products that relate to inspiration, or you can click on Shop by Product on the side menu of any category or product page. Looking for all of our items that relate to love? You'll find them on our Love page. Looking for all of our coffee mugs, regardless of what is printed on them? Go to mugs under Shop by Product. As a relatively new enterprise, we are still adding new, wonderful products all the time. Check back frequently for updates, or join our mailing list and get updates, discounts, and inspirational news and stories right in your inbox! Not finding what you're looking for? Please help make us better! Constructive and friendly feedback is always welcome and appreciated!

Love - All you need is love! So the song goes….romantic love, sibling love, parental love, or love between friends, it is the ingredient that makes life so worth living! Show your love with one of our personalized gift options or our selection of items with love-related quotes. Many items in our collection of jewelry can show your love as a wonderful gift, or you can wear the word and your heart on your sleeve! Or with our heart chain necklace and earring set, you can wear it right there on your chest. 

Faith - During hard times, times of transition, or times of reaching for our dreams, faith provides that foundation for getting from where we are to where we want to be. We offer many items that bring a daily reminder of our faith in a higher power, as well as our faith in ourselves. Visit our page on faith related products, and bring that inspiration home. With many inspirational barn board signs, wall decor, and crosses, we are sure you will find that special something to remind you and your loves ones of your faith.

Beauty - The inspiration provided by beauty can be healing and uplifting in many ways. While we each have our own ideas about what’s beautiful, the search for beauty is deeply engrained in all of us. Do you find beauty in gardens? Browse our many garden items to help you bring wit and charm into yours. Find enchantment in our lighting section with beautifully designed fairly lights, lamps, and night lights, and let our selection of candle holders help light the way! Also, our selection of beautiful bracelets and necklaces are sure to turn an eye and grace their wearer with beauty and charm.

Motivation - We all need motivation at times! To reach our goals, of any kind, we need to first begin, and once begun, we need to frequently remind ourselves what we are reaching for and why. A journey of change is rarely easy, and to stick to our path we need not only inspiration, which we can think of as the reason for a goal, or an alignment with our purpose or fulfillment, but we also need motivation, a push to do the small daily things which get us there. Many of our products have motivational quotes that serve as reminders to push us towards our goals. Of course, along the way we need to keep track of time to properly manage it...and when all else fails, coffee!