Light the Way

Light the Way
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3½" Glass Mason Jar Ornament for Christmas Lights

3½" x 1¼". The lid is removable. Decorate your tree with a larger version of our popular Mason jar o..


Angel Tears Steeple Lantern

10¼" x 21". Use the switch on the bottom of the lantern to illuminate the bright, long-lasting LED l..


Barn Star Pillar Holder With Glass Chimney - Rustic Brown

8" tall. 7½" diameter. 7" x 7" glass chimney. Shown with a 4" candle; candle is not included. ..


Big Mason Jar Pendant Lamp

6" dia. and 14" tall. Includes our big Mason jar with a ventilated lid and no bottom. Use these for ..


Half Gallon Mason Jar Chimney

4½" dia. at base and 8" tall. Shown with a candle that is 3" dia. and 6" tall. Candles, lids and oth..


Half Gallon Open Bottom Mason Jar Pendant Lamp - Rustic Brown

4½" dia. and 11¼" tall. Includes a half gallon Mason jar with no bottom. Use these for higher wattag..


Hanging Mason Jar Pillar Holder - Half Gallon

Measures 4½" dia. and 8" tall. Includes a hook for hanging. Shown with a 3" dia. candle, not include..


Hanging Solar Lid-Light - Rustic Brown - Angel Tears

This lid features a handle and fits any standard Mason jar. (does not fit wide-mouth jars.) 3" diame..


Large Paul Revere Lamp - Punched Star - Rustic Brown

This big lamp measures 2 feet tall! 9½" dia. and 24" tall. Requires a standard size light ..


Livery Stable Lamp with Chimney

Measures 8" wide at base of shade and 13" tall to top of glass chimney. Inspired by an antique oil l..


Mason Jar Chimney -Midget Pint Size

3¼" dia. at base and 5¼" tall. Shown with a candle that is 2" diameter. Candles, lids and other acce..


Mason Jar Chimney with Stand - Midget Pint

3¼"dia. x 7½"T. Includes a midget pint Mason jar chimney, included. Shown with a 2" candle, not incl..


Mason Jar Chimney with Stand - Quart

4"dia. x 9½"T. Includes a quart Mason jar chimney, included. Shown with a 3" candle, not included. ..


Mason Jar Chimney with Stand - ¼ Pint

2½"dia. x 5½"T. Includes a ¼ pint Mason jar chimney. Shown with a tea light, not included. ..


Mason Jar Chimney – ¼ Pint Size

A great size for tea lights, this glass measures 2¼" dia. at the bottom and 4" tall. Shown with a te..



Celebrate Your Love!

LOVE. Ahhh, who isn’t inspired by love? When it comes to the romantic, all hearts a-glow kind of love that songs are written about…well, everyone wants it, right? But there are so many kinds of love in the world – love for a child, love for a parent, sibling love, friendship love, love for your neighbor, love for your community, love for your country…love makes the world go ‘round. And without it, well, things most definitely fall apart.

At Inspiration Home and Gift, we celebrate love! Love is the inspiration for so much beauty in the world, and while, yes, it can also inspire jealousy and heartbreak when things don’t go as planned…we choose to see the joy and wonder it can create.

Celebrate YOUR love! We have assembled a selection of products that are inspired by love, both romantic, or for friends and family, or browse our personalized gifts for families and couples that want to celebrate their love, decorate their home with it, and show it off to the world. Getting married? Looking for a wedding gift? Want that perfect bit of jewelry for someone you care about? Many of our products contain inspirational quotes that uplift and remind us and our loved ones of how much we care.

Do you love someone who loves their garden? We have many beautiful garden accessories that will add charm and joy to any garden.

Have a cook in the family? Browse our selection of kitchen wares including cutting boards and other unique items to organize and adorn the kitchen.

Our selection of inspirational signs and crosses can bring a reminder of your love of faith and God into your home, or as a gift for someone you love.

Whether for your family, friends, spouse or other significant other, Inspiration Home and Gift has what you are looking for!